32002 Black - 3000 YD Maxi-Lock Polyester Thread


Size: 3000 Yards

Retail Price: $ 4.59

Price Is Per: Spool

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3000 Yard Cone

Size 50 - Polyester Thread

Application: Serging

Maxi-Lock® is used by major serger manufacturers to test their machines and to demonstrate them in retail settings before each sale. That's how highly they regard Maxi-Lock. Where Maxi-Lock thread truly distinguishes itself, though, is in the home. Its soft finish disguises a strength that holds up under the most vigorous seamwork. Its consistency, beginning to end, makes it easy to set and maintain tensions, which is a major product advantage. Maxi-Lock® meets the demands of serger sewing like no other thread, withstanding the high speeds and tensions that are unique to serging. That's why Maxi-Lock is the best-selling serger thread!