Crib Roll - Thermore® Ultra Thin Polyester Batting

CODE: 2H0-TMBY-045

Size: 45" x 25 Yards

Price Is Per: Roll

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Hobbs Thermore® was designed for clothing and miniatures but is very versatile and should be used where thin batting is needed or preferred. Hobbs Thermore® is made with 100% polyester and is surfaced treated with their unique resin bonded process, creating a polyester batting that is guaranteed not to beard or migrate. May be quilted up to 8” apart and will not shrink. Perfect for hand or machine quilting.

  • Crib Size Roll: 45" x 25 Yards
  • Resin Bonded, Polyester
  • Color: White
  • Stitches up to 8″ apart
  • 1/16″ loft


What is Resin Bonded?

Resin bonded batting is made made from a wide variety of fibers including polyester, cotton, wool, etc. A web is garnetted or carded then passed through a process that applies a resin to both sides. The web is dried and cured to form a bonded batting. This bonded batting resists bearding better than any other type of batting. There are many different types of fiber and resin combinations to give a desired “look” and “hand”. Combining processes, fibers and resins makes the resin bonded process the most versatile and most effective way to produce battings.