Daily Beauty

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by Cécile Trentini

365 Ways to Play with Everyday Quilt Embellishments

Add the magic of everyday life to your quilts

It's true...just a simple item from your make-up bag can put the perfect touch on your quilt! Cécile's featured quilt of 365 blocks (one for each day of the year) celebrates the extraordinary beauty of ordinary life with perfectly round and richly embellished cotton cosmetic pads. Take advantage of the pads' small scale and soft surface to experiment with a wide variety of stitching styles and mixed-media techniques.

  • Soak up some unique inspiration with hundreds of gorgeous variations on a theme
  • Have fun with creating with cosmetic pads as you practice your surface design skills
  • Give new life to leftover ribbons and lace, buttons and beads, sequins and tulle, and more!