Fairfield Wool Batting Roll

CODE: 2FA-0WDR-090

Size: 20 Yard Roll

Width: 90" Wide

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90" Wide, 20 Yard Roll. Wool batting, although expensive, offers many of the same qualities as cotton batting. It is soft, drapable, and when intricately quilted, gives a beautiful textural dimension to the quilt. Wool batting offers natural warmth with relatively little weight. For ease in handling and reduction in fiber migration, most wool batting is finished with a cheesecloth or lightweight fabric cover. Wool batting is produced from long virgin-wool fibers. First the wool is scoured to remove the dirt and yolk (natural oils). Then it is moth-proofed by impregnating the fibers with chemicals that resist moth larvae. The wool is then carded, where the fibers are opened, mixed and finally formed into an even blanket. Like cotton, the natural felting property of the wool fibers helps to hold the batting together.