Queen Roll - Heirloom® Bleached Cotton Batting with Scrim

CODE: 2H0-HBSB-096

Size: 96" x 30 Yards

Price Is Per: Roll

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Hobbs Heirloom® Bleached Cotton is 100% Bleached Cotton and is recommend for light colored quilts. Their Heirloom® Bleached is made the same way as their Heirloom® Natural, needle punched for additional strength, except they use bleached cotton to provide quilters a white batting that will not show through a lighter quilt top. This batting also contains a scrim binder which allows for extra strength and stability. Shrinkage of 3-5% and may be quilted up to 8-10” apart.

  • Queen Size Roll: 96" x 30 Yards
  • Needle Punched, 100% Bleached Cotton (WITH SCRIM)
  • Color: White
  • Stitches up to 8-10″ apart with scrim binder, but 3" is recommended for longevity of a quilt
  • 1/8″ loft, 3-5% shrinkage


What does Needle Punched mean?

This type of batting is carded or garnetted then layered to form a web. The web is then passed through needling equipment that mechanically entangles the web by using thousands of needles that lock the fiber together. This type of product works to give strength to a product while allowing for a soft hand and thinner profile vs. a high loft type product. Needle punched wool or polyester tend to migrate, but will not bunch or shift like plain garnetted or carded products. Needle punched products can be thermal bonded or resin bonded.

What is scrim?

Scrim is a thin stabilizer that is needle punched into the batting to provide strength and prevent stretching